Similar logo to Mazda – what brand is that?

Have you ever noticed this car emblem (see photo) on the street? It’s somehow similar to the Mazda logo, but if you look closely, it’s different. In fact, it has nothing to do with Mazda either, but with Nissan.

IMG 2009

The Infiniti QX30

This not often seen brand is about Infinity, the luxury brand of the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. Since autumn 2008 the brand was gradually introduced in 21 European markets, previously it was only available on the other continents. In Germany, Infiniti has been on sale since October 3, 2009. The first German Infiniti dealership was opened in Hamburg. This was followed by Dresden, Berlin and Düsseldorf. In the meantime, the dealer network has been expanded in order to have a more comprehensive presence in Germany. In total, as of 2017, there are 11 Infiniti Centers and 24 Service Partners. An overview of the Infiniti locations can be found here.

become in Germany six models sold by Infiniti. This includes the sedans Q50 and Q70, the compact model Q30who have favourited crossovers QX30 and QX70 and soon also the sports coupe Q60. With 405 hp, the 3.0 liter Q60 is the most powerful engine from Infiniti to date.

Infiniti is a very design-oriented brand dedicated to the principle of “Powerful Elegance”. Comfort, sportiness and luxury are three features that Infiniti offers its customers.

IMG 8912

What does the Infiniti logo represent?

The logo was originally designed from the number eight lying on the side. The 8 stands for infinity (“Infiniti”), the triangle in the middle is supposed to represent a road. Personally, I really like the logo as it has meaning and creates a harmony between round and square shapes.

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