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Simple and yet effective – solutions for your kitchen organization

Do you know the attraction of a well-ordered, organized and clean kitchen? Would you like to know how to do this without a lot of cleaning? Here we present some smart and simple models for your kitchen organization.

The universal knife block

You can build such a wooden knife block yourself. Obviously, it would be easier if you could get yourself one as tall as a bamboo skewer. All you need is a few packages of spaghetti and your knife block is ready! Sometimes the knives do not fit exactly into the knife blocks offered on the market. But there is no such problem here.

Knife holder bamboo kitchen organization

Knife holder made of bamboo

Rakes as storage space for your wine glasses

Why didn’t we think of this great idea sooner?

Rake wine glass kitchen organization

Simple wine glass shelf

Adjustable spice rack

Here, the space between the refrigerator and the wall is optimally used. For example, you need a large drawer from the bed, dividers, wall plugs and castors. This shelf fits perfectly in a small kitchen. But take a whole day off to do this.

Spice rack kitchen organization

You must always keep your spices close at hand

Pourer for mason jars

You can easily reuse the pourers and paper lids and create resealable solutions for preserving jars.

The metal lids can be painted with special blackboard lacquer and later written on with chalk. The lids can therefore be reused later.

Pourer mason jars kitchen organization

Pourer for mason jars

Chopsticks for beginners

In every Circle of Friends there is one person who finds it difficult to use chopsticks while eating Chinese food. Sometimes you even make fun of it. Surprise all your friends and acquaintances by turning this simple mechanism into sample chopsticks within a minute! All you need is an old clothespin and a couple of chopsticks.

Chopsticks clamp kitchen organization

Chopsticks in a clamp shape

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