Steven Kayre

Steven Kayre – Actor, Comedian, Writer, and Producer

Steven Cayre is an American actor, comedian, writer and producer best known for his portrayal of Michael Scott on NBC’s The Office. He has received many awards for his work.

As co-member of Midtown Equities LLC with his brother Jack, he also acts as an advocate and has supported numerous individuals on their path towards recovery. In doing so, he has provided invaluable support on their path.

Early Life and Education

Kenneth Cayre, Joseph Cayre and Stanley Cayre (known collectively as the “Cayre Brothers”) established Salsoul Records in 1975 and enjoyed great success producing an array of disco music during its early years.

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Cayre Brothers also founded Caytronics, which they sold to Atari in 1984. Following this sale, they invested in various real estate developments across Manhattan and Florida, purchasing several multi-million dollar properties before the market crash of 2008. One such property is now under foreclosure due to unpaid legal fees filed by its condo board.

Professional Career

Joe Cayre has built an extensive career in real estate development and finance. As founder and member of Midtown Equities LLC, he has completed over 5 million square feet of retail and office development. Additionally, Joe has been active as a philanthropist by giving to organizations such as Joe & Trina Cayre Foundation. Additionally, his sons Jack & Michael work at Midtown Equities LLC alongside their father.

Salsoul Records was also founded by Kenneth and Joseph Cayre. Their label released over 300 disco 12-inch singles.

He has been actively engaged in his community as a board member of several organizations, such as the Jewish Federation of Greater Phoenix.

Personal Life

Cayre has not only proven himself a successful real estate developer, but has also contributed significantly to various charitable projects. He has donated to organizations supporting children with disabilities and substance recovery centers; additionally he stepped in when one of his own grandsons could no longer care for themselves.

He is joined in his business ventures by his two sons, Jack and Michael, both of whom work alongside him to oversee its commercial acquisition and leasing activities.

Recently, Cayre found himself embroiled in a heated dispute with the board of his Upper East Side condominium building. They claimed he owed $147,000 plus 24 percent interest in legal fees from his 2014 lawsuit alleging failure to repair leaky or broken elevators.

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