Steven McCollum

Steven McCollum

As one of the founding faculty members, he was essential in shaping both culture and academic program at our school. A passionate educator who loved working with young people, he made his mark at every opportunity.

Steven McCollum brings extensive criminal, DUI and juvenile law experience. With 16 years of prosecutorial and defense work behind him, including representing clients involved with Breathalyzer incidents.

Early Life and Education

Steven McCollum is an award-winning musician and music educator. His choirs have won multiple awards for artistic excellence, performed internationally and produced notable recordings under his tutelage.

McCollum started all 80 games for Portland Trail Blazers during 2016/2017 season and averaged 21 points, 4 assists and 3 rebounds on an average basis – leading them to win Western Conference but ultimately falling in NBA Finals.

Steve Jobs attended Homestead High School, which boasted an extensive electronics lab staffed by John McCollum, but as an independent rebellious student who clashed with authority he quickly dropped this course and pursued other interests like poetry reading or creative writing instead.

Professional Career

McCollum earned first team All-SoCon honors three times and SoCon Tournament MVP honors twice during his time at Western. He tallied over 1,500 points throughout his career – ranking fifth on Western’s all-time scoring list.

His music ministry includes singing regularly at “One Nation Under God Restoration Rallies” across the country and has even recorded several albums.

His work as a music educator has inspired him to develop noteworthy choral editions for Sunhawk Music Publishers and Chorus America, with choirs winning awards for artistic excellence while performing internationally. Additionally, he has composed many songs that have opened for numerous performers while serving Pine Hills Youth Correctional Facility as a corrections officer.

Achievement and Honors

Steven McCcollum played a critical role in shaping education policy at local, state, and national levels. Additionally, he held roles such as Director of Music at Patrick Henry College where his choirs won awards for artistic excellence while performing internationally and producing notable recordings.

He was a dedicated community member, honored with this year’s “For Those Who Would OCR Humanitarian Award,” presented jointly by Mud Run Guide and North American OCR Championships to an individual from within the OCR community who displays humanitarian traits both on and off of the course.

He has long been an advocate of outdoor enthusiasts, spearheading legislation to protect the Boundary Waters, increase public land access, combat chronic wasting disease and clean up abandoned hardrock mines – as well as supporting TRCP’s mission of guaranteeing all Americans quality places for hunting and fishing.

Personal Life

Steven McCollum was a dedicated husband to Allison and loving father to their daughters Journey and Allison. Additionally, he will always be remembered fondly for his gregarious and infectious personality that fostered friendships through playing his snare drum, harmonica, and kitchen canisters at parties and gatherings with friends and family alike.

He served as Director of Music at Patrick Henry College where he taught courses on music history, conducting, and choral pedagogy. Additionally he directed multiple choral and instrumental ensembles including the PHC Choir.

Steve is an enthusiastic fitness enthusiast who appreciates functional exercises that engage the entire body. An Olympic lifting fanatic, Steve uses clean and jerk workouts regularly in his routines.

Net Worth

McCollum signed a contract extension with Portland Trail Blazers after winning the NBA Most Improved Player award in 2016. He participated in 80 games during that season, averaging 20.8 points and 4.3 assists per game.

He is also an investor, having founded European Founders Fund venture capital firm which has invested in Lokalisten, StudiVZ (German-counterpart of Facebook), Bigpoint Games and Anshe Chung Studios – amassing an estimated net worth of over $1 Million.

He enjoys gardening and fishing as hobbies in his free time, spending most of it with his wife and kids. Additionally, he takes great pleasure in trying new recipes in the kitchen – often creating dishes for friends and family members as he goes! Additionally, he owns both a motorcycle and chopper.

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