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Valentine hearts to give away

After the roses, only hearts can be so enchanting and convey the message of love. There is no other messenger who can let feelings speak without words. At the same time, the heart is not just a symbol of love. Whoever surrounds himself with heart brings momentum, joie de vivre and harmony into his life. Whether as a decoration or in the form of a box of chocolates, as a piece of jewelry or as clothing, the possibilities are numerous here to make your loved ones very happy. In the month of love live this quintessence of life with you in every moment, radiate it and generously give hearts wherever your heart is attached.


Give your loved ones joy on Valentine’s Day with this exquisite handmade heart box with a pink bow and shiny red stones – ideal for storing jewelry.

Klassisches Geschenk Herz

If you have decided on a classic gift such as a tie for the man of your heart, then choose this hand-made, practical tie-fabric envelope adorned with a heart, which you can take with you when you travel.


Hide your love messages in every detail, such as in these small, fragrant lavender pillows, and surprise your husband by placing them on his favorite sweater in the closet.

schönes Geschenk für Ihre Freunde

Heart-shaped hand soaps inspired by chocolate hearts, packed in a cellophane bag, decorated and decorated with glitter, are a nice gift for your friends.

Herzknöpfen zum Befestigen ideales Geschenk für Freunde und Familie

These braided bracelets in different colors with knots, which represent a bond between people, and which are decorated with heart buttons to fasten, are ideal as a gift for friends or family.

Herzen Geschenk

These white sugar cookie lollipops adorned with cute little hearts in the middle ensure that sweet temptation on Valentine’s Day will win the hearts of your loved ones!

Bonbon Herzen

What’s a Valentine’s Day without the sweet taste of love? Surprise your loved one with filled candy hearts, hung in colorful heart-shaped containers next to the bed or at work.

Grünblatt Pflanzen Blumentopf

As a gift for your loved one, you can choose these small heart-shaped green leaf plants in pots as your messenger of love for the day of love, certainly a good and original idea.

Geschenk für die Mama

If you want to give your mom or a friend a nice surprise for Valentine’s Day, choose a delicate, blooming fabric brooch instead of the heart as a symbol of belonging – this would also give her great pleasure.

Klassisches Geschenk zum Liebe Blumen

The flowers in the pot are a classic gift for the festival of love. These enchanting orchids only need a cute little heart card with congratulations to be given away.

Valentinstag Dekoration Küchenambiente

Make yourself a present for Valentine’s Day and beautify your kitchen ambience with these charming pot holders in cheerful red color patterns.

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