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10 great ideas on how to make your small kitchen look wider and cozier

Sometimes a lot of new residents worry that their kitchen is very small. You can’t even assume that despite the limited space, many things can fit there. Many people think: these windows are too big, I would like more space for a few more kitchen cupboards! They wonder where exactly they place the kitchen island or where they display their valuable porcelain collections. Or whether they design a dining area or not?
Yes, all of these questions are legitimate if you have a small kitchen area. But don’t worry too much because any problem can be solved. Today we’re going to show you a few furnishing ideas for small kitchens and give you practical tips on how to get the most out of every square meter. Stay tuned, it’ll be interesting!

Large corner windows in the kitchen offer great views outside, but many homeowners still find them inconvenient

Kitchen with corner window modern kitchen ideas

Large corner windows in the kitchen certainly do not exactly match your ideas for practical room design

If you have such large corner windows in your narrow kitchen, you might think you didn’t have enough storage space, right? That is of course not true, you just have to look at things differently. Just remember, from the kitchen you have a wonderful view of your back yard and you can always feel in the middle of nature. In addition, the large windows visually expand the kitchen, let in plenty of natural light and make the ambience very cozy!

Your dining area can be in the corner

Ideas for small designer kitchens

Designing a dining area is always a great idea for a small kitchen

A small round dining table in the corner of the room looks very good and will never bother you while you are cooking. It just makes the room more cozy. Design the wall next to the table according to your interests and you will spend many cozy hours there eating, drinking and chatting.

Every housewife needs a kitchen island

Kitchen island ideas rustic

The kitchen island, whether small or large, luxurious or very modest, is now a must

No matter how modest a kitchen island is, it carries an inestimable value and offers space to work, serve and store. Designers and interior designers often point out that we need to be careful with the recommended dimensions and clearances, as these tend to only work well in spacious villas and dream homes. As long as you don’t hit the edges of your kitchen island every time you walk by and don’t get bruises, then you have plenty of space.

Brightly colored kitchen appliances bring a fresh touch to the room and immediately attract everyone’s attention

Living ideas kitchen modern white wood countertop

This aqua blue refrigerator is a real eye-catcher in this small kitchen

We often read (or in my case, write) that everything in the kitchen should be shiny white and that there would be enough glass surfaces there because they let the light through and give the small room a seamless look and thus visually enlarge it. But the truth is different. Kitchen rooms all in white sometimes look very boring. Trust me, your guests and friends wouldn’t even notice how small this kitchen is; they’d rather remember the aqua fridge.

An extractor hood could also be noticeable

Living ideas kitchen modern white

This cylindrical extractor hood is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen

This cylindrical cooker hood is a great idea because firstly it is very practical and secondly it is a real eye-catcher in the limited space. I’m sure you’ll find her as beautiful as I do, won’t you?

Showcase your china collections

Tiles checkerboard pattern black and white ideas kitchen

The small kitchen can also be tempting, cozy and very practical

As long as everything has its place and the kitchen is in perfect order, there is no reason not to display your favorite porcelain pieces. Not only tea and coffee sets could be arranged on open shelves, but also other beautiful pans, bowls or vases. These should not necessarily be behind a pane of glass. Instead, put your copper cookware, silver objects and porcelain sets on display and enjoy their beauty every day.

Pictures, photos and other small works of art decorate the kitchen and make it extremely charming

Wall decoration with picture frame ideas for design kitchen

A kitchen wall can be decorated with pictures or other works of art

Even a very narrow kitchen can look charming and cozy. Decorate at least one kitchen wall with colorful vintage prints or small art compositions and add a romantic touch to the room.

Think rationally and furnish the kitchen functionally!

Beautiful design ideas kitchen

In many cases, just one kitchenette is enough

As a result of modern innovations and elevated designs, a kitchenette is perfect enough in many cases, because it offers everything you need!

The sink is right in front of the window

Creative ideas for kitchen windows modern design

While you wash your dishes, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery outside

Yes, you read it very carefully! The sink has an unusual place, right in front of the window. However, this is a great choice, because when washing the dishes you can look outwards and be a little distracted from the kitchen work. Isn’t that a good idea?

Reading and dining area in one? Yes why not!

Designer decor trends white kitchens

The dining area can be combined with the reading area

This cleverly conceived table can serve as a kitchen table and workspace and can become your favorite place in the kitchen. As you can see, almost anything can be done in a small kitchen!

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