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Wallpapers with tropical patterns are celebrating their comeback in interior design

There was a time when tropical prints adorned every surface imaginable. They were on wallpaper, clothing, and accessories. Just everywhere. But like any trend, this room made for something new and has been away from the fashion scene for a while.

tropical motifs wall design

Tropical motifs for a modern wall design

tropical living room

Tropical flowers and leaves create a cheerful atmosphere in this living room

But now the time has come again and fashion and interior designers are showing a particular interest in tropical leaves and flowers. Tropical wallpapers are in again, they arouse enthusiasm and bring exotic freshness to the interior. Today we have selected some beautiful wallpaper patterns for you that can bring summer back into your four walls. Their flowers and leaves in striking colors are absolutely breathtaking!

green living room

Your living room could be this green and fresh


Colorful tropical leaves spice up the wall

Among some of the tastefully and stylishly created tropical motifs there are birds, ferns, exotic flowers and fruits, all of which are clearly visible. You could even say that they’ll steal the show with their unique look! You will surely notice the trend, you want more exoticism, more freshness and joie de vivre in interior design. If you want to follow this trend, you have to think of a new, cheerful wall design with tropical motifs in your own four walls. You can take the first step and start with tropical style wall murals. The trick is not to overdo it with too much exoticism, because such a wall design could even be intrusive at times. Better to start with just a line here or there and go on step by step. You can best assess for yourself how the tropical motifs affect you, your inner world. We can only advise you to make a wall in your home office tropical. That could stimulate your creativity and hopefully you will feel more productive than usual. With tropical flowers and leaves you can also light up the area behind a cocktail bar, set up the children’s playroom in a tropical style and make it look different or with certain tropical motifs in your dining room introduce. The possibilities are endless as long as you think creatively and act wisely.

tropical-style living room


A wall in the bathroom could also transport you to the tropics.

But some people prefer not to risk using such bold patterns on their walls at home. You have their doubts about how to decorate the background. If you belong to this shy group of homeowners, now take a deep breath and try to think outside the box. First, draw a few tropical plants on a piece of paper and use them to decorate your interior. Then decorate your sofas with pillows in typical tropical colors. This means that you have already taken the courage to introduce new tropical motifs into your ambience and create a unique atmosphere in your house. An exotic atmosphere that inspires you all year round and in which you enjoy spending your time.


Pair tropical motifs with ethnic elements

living room-floral-pattern-exotic-pattern

Pure exoticism in your own living room!


Tropical flowers and leaves are making a comeback in interior design!

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