What can you do as an architect?

What can you do as an architect?

activities of an architect. Your task as an architect is basically the creative, functional, technical and economic planning of buildings or structures. In addition, there are often social and ecological aspects that you have to consider within your job portfolio.

What do you need to know and be able to do as an architect?

To work as an architect, you need a completed Masters in Architecture. Creativity, mathematical knowledge and artistic talent are a must, stress resistance and problem-solving skills are also an advantage.

What does an architect do in a child-friendly way?

An architect is one who designs houses and has them built by craftsmen. Above all, he must have an idea of ​​how to build a house so that it does not collapse. That’s called static. Architects used to draw their ideas on paper.

Can you become an architect without a degree?

Becoming an architect – that’s how it works It’s important for you to know that there is no traditional training to become an architect. The way to becoming an architect is to study architecture. If studying is not for you, you can also opt for an apprenticeship in the same industry.

Can you also study with a secondary school certificate?

Can you study with a high school diploma? Yes! Wrong thinking, because all federal states also offer secondary school graduates the opportunity to start studying with a secondary school certificate. Most secondary school graduates opt for the classic training and then go directly into the profession.

Do you have a technical college entrance qualification with a high school diploma and training?

At the end of the apprenticeship, you can also acquire the technical college entrance qualification at the same time! With the middle school certificate, you can attend the technical college and do the technical baccalaureate here. BAföG can be obtained! There are vocational schools in some federal states.

Can I study with a high school diploma and a completed apprenticeship?

In other words, they can in principle study any subject at any university, regardless of whether it is a university or a technical college – without having to take the Abitur. Applicants with vocational training but no advanced training qualification need at least three years of professional experience in order to obtain the higher education entrance qualification.

Can you study with the Fachwirt?

Further training as a master craftsman, technician or IHK specialist (e.g. If you have acquired an IHK degree via distance learning at DeLSt, you can then enroll directly at a university of your choice without a special entrance examination – even without the general higher education entrance qualification.

Can you study with a business administrator?

The business economist IHK is equivalent to a master’s degree at a German university. The Wirtschaftsfachwirt IHK entitles you to study for a bachelor’s degree at a German university of applied sciences. The state-certified business economist entitles you to study for a bachelor’s degree at a German university of applied sciences.

What can I study with the Fachwirt?

Here are the options for obtaining the title of business economist after the specialist training: Business economist IHK.Diplom business economist.State certified business economist.Technical business economist.

How much is a business administrator worth?

The DQR classifies the specialist at EQR level 6 and evaluates the degree as equivalent to a master craftsman, state-certified technician or bachelor’s degree in terms of its level of demand, but not as similar to a university degree.

Is a specialist a title?

Therefore, the qualification as a specialist is recognized nationwide. The title “Fachwirt” is often wrongly translated as “Bachelor”. However, the title of “bachelor” in the English language is associated with an academic degree that the business administrator does not have.

Which specialist is the most difficult?

A commercially minded person who has stayed away from physics and chemistry throughout his life will most likely find the certified technical specialist to be demanding; just like a technically oriented person with a certain probability not the certified bank specialist as …

How much is an IHK degree worth?

It corresponds to a workload of at least learning hours. There is no maximum number of study hours. An IHK certification as a form of proof of professional training enjoys a high reputation among employers.

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