What do you have to be able to do to become a pilot?

What do you have to be able to do to become a pilot?

The most common way to become a pilot is to train with an airline. Here you usually need the general higher education entrance qualification. You should also have (very) good knowledge of math, English and physics and be able to prove it.

When does a pilot become a captain?

Depending on the airline, to become a captain you need to have between 30 hours of flight experience as a co-pilot. With the Commercial Pilot License you are always only a co-pilot in larger aircraft with a two-man cockpit.

Until when can you become a pilot?

Most airlines have set the age of their applicants at a maximum of 28 years (but a minimum of 17 years). You must be in good physical condition, between 1.65m and 1.98m tall. A high school diploma is a prerequisite, as is good eyesight.

How many hours does a pilot have to work?

Today, pilots are allowed to work 13 hours, twice a week even 14 hours. With overtime it usually gets even longer. With the working hours, however, protective measures for the industry were also eliminated. For pilots, for example, there is no difference between weekends, public holidays and normal working days.

How difficult is it to become a pilot?

Training can be extremely difficult and not everyone ends up becoming a pilot; even after completing training, licensed pilots can be rejected by an operator. Nevertheless, once you get there, it’s definitely worth it.

How long do Lufthansa pilots work?

Lufthansa has a generous special rule for colleagues who can no longer withstand the stress of old age. It retires its pilots from the age of 55 and continues to pay them 60 percent of their last salary – which is well over 200,000 euros in this seniority.

Where can you work as a pilot?

Pilots work in the cockpits of air transport or air force aircraft. Chief pilots also take on specialist and management tasks in the organization of flight operations. Commercial aircraft pilots are also used, for example, for transporting ambulances or pest control by plane.

Is pilot a profession with a future?

Pilot: future prospects / future-proof? Sometimes pilots are taunted with “air taxi driver”. But they certainly don’t have an easy job. Pilot training is very demanding (and expensive).

Is pilot a profession?

Pilot is not a recognized training occupation. According to EU law, however, the training to become a commercial pilot, commercial pilot or helicopter pilot is uniformly regulated nationwide. They are offered, for example, by flight schools or the German Armed Forces.

What grade point average do you need to become a pilot?

No NC, i.e. no numerus clausus, i.e. no average grade is required, with your general university entrance qualification you have already met the necessary requirements for all German airlines.

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