What does everything belong in an interpretation?

What does everything belong in an interpretation?

An interpretation is the investigation (formal text analysis) and interpretation of a text in the form of an essay. The possible intentions of the author as well as biographical and historical backgrounds are included.

What is a text interpretation?

Text interpretation is understood to mean the attempt, going beyond the mere text description, to discover the meaning of a text, the intended effects and other things connected with it. It is usually applied to literary texts (epic, drama, poetry), but also useful texts (e.g.

What must be in the main part of an interpretation?

The main part is the most detailed part of an interpretation …. The introduction must contain: name of the author, name of the work, classification of the text passage, a short and clear summary of the text passage, suggestion of a first hypothesis.

What does short prose include?

Small or short epics include novels, narrations, short stories, fables, fairy tales, anecdotes, parables.

What is short epik?

The short story (a loan translation of the English term short story) is a modern literary form of prose, the main characteristic of which is its brevity. This is often achieved by heavily compressing the content.

What is part of a story?

The narrative – the structure The narrative is a story with a short introduction and a main part, which increases the tension in the narrative. In the short end, the tension drops after the climax. The events are told in the correct chronological order.

What is a narrative text?

A narrative text is the narrative representation and design of an action and / or event or, depending on the chosen narrative attitude, the narrative text combines different time levels and storylines in different ways. …

What is a narrative example?

No longer just any narrative, but at least one meaningful history of origin or development, without which a community cannot exist. As such, the word crept into German, for example “Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité” is considered to be the “narrative of the French Revolution”.

Where does the word narrative come from?

Narrative is a loan translation of the English word narrative (meaning “narrative or representation used to explain or justify a society or historical period”).

What is a narrative approach?

This means that the focus of the therapist’s attention is on the language, on the way the clients tell their situation, their problems and their story (narration) and on how the common therapeutic story develops as it relates to the original Story …

What is narrative identity?

Narrative identity can be defined as “the unity of a person’s life as that person experiences and articulates it in the stories with which he expresses his experience” (Widdershoven, 1993, p.

When is the narrative interview?

Actual events are never told in a narrative interview. Even if a person was present at a certain event, the description in a narrative interview is always subjectively processed and thus reconstructed.

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