What is an Extended Resume?

What is an Extended Resume?

A detailed CV contains the same data and facts as the tabular CV. However, the information is presented as a coherent text in the form of an essay. In addition, relationships between stages of life and reasons for decisions are given.

What belongs in a well-formulated resume?

A well-formulated résumé is designed strictly chronologically, just like its namesake, the detailed résumé, and begins with personal data, before school, training, job and hobbies follow. These formulation aids show how the data series in the tabular curriculum vitae are converted into sentences.

What goes well on the resume?

Write additional skills in the CV (curriculum vitae, curriculum vitae) that go far beyond your studies. A pinch of social commitment doesn’t hurt either. If there was also (besides excellent grades, of course) a realistic length of study and trend-setting internships, nothing could really go wrong.

What hobbies go well on a resume?

Hobbies on your CV: Attention boomerang! Reading. Running. Riding a bike. Swimming. Jogging. Horseback riding. Listening to music. Hiking.

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