What makes a newspaper article?

What makes a newspaper article?

The structure of a newspaper article The newspaper article is written more vividly than the report. A headline – and usually a subheading – form the context of the newspaper article. Paragraphs also loosen up the newspaper report. Long and coherent text puts off the reader.

Who can write on a wiki?

Wikipedia does not have a fixed, paid editorial team, but is the work of voluntary authors. If you can write, you can also contribute here. You don’t need any tools and you can start right away.

Who can edit Wikipedia articles?

Only those who are registered there, who have been active for at least two months and who can show that they have edited 200 articles are entitled to vote on Wikipedia. Only voters choose the “Administrators”. Only admins have a delete button for posts.

What is written on Wikipedia?

The name Wikipedia is a box word made up of “Wiki” and “Encyclopedia” (the English word for encyclopedia). The term “wiki” goes back to the Hawaiian word for ‘fast’.

Are Wikipedia entries checked?

The online encyclopedia is getting a new system for rating articles. Moderators and experts can view and check articles in the future to ensure the quality of the article version displayed. The German Wikipedia is the first state edition to get the new system.

How are Wikipedia entries created?

Entry in Wikipedia. Before an entry is published in Wikipedia, it has to pass the “entry check”. The contribution is checked for its relevance. For each topic there are certain relevance criteria that should be considered when writing the article.

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