What skills does a geriatric nurse need?

What skills does a geriatric nurse need?

Above all, this includes: empathy and helpfulness, joy in dealing with people seeking help, interest in social, nursing and social tasks, sense of responsibility and trustworthiness, getting involved and not quickly frustrated, not afraid of physical work,

Is aged care a service?

Care for the elderly is also a service: Professional care for the elderly means providing qualified services to old people “the customers”.

Where is the best place to earn money in geriatric care?

The leaders in Germany are Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, where a geriatric nurse earns around EUR 2,260 gross per month.

What does a trained geriatric nurse earn?

Unfortunately, the salary for geriatric nurses is in the lower third compared to other professions in the field of nursing. The median salary for geriatric nurses in Germany is EUR 2,744 gross per month.

How much does a Nurse earn?

The average starting salary is 2300 euros gross per month. Night shifts are usually remunerated with an additional time surcharge. After a few years and with increasing professional experience, your salary will increase. So you can earn up to 2700 euros gross per month after three years.

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