Where do I write personally in confidence?

Where do I write personally in confidence?

When to mark letters with the note “Confidential” or “Personal” The note “Confidential” should appear directly above the name in the line. Otherwise there is a risk that the recipient will overlook the marking!

What is the height of the address?

The size of the address field (i.e. the part that appears in the window of your envelope) is 40 x 85 mm (plus 5 mm for the return information, i.e. the sender address above the recipient address). It is placed at a distance of 27 mm from the top (form A) or

How do letters get around in the envelope?

Label the envelope. On the front of the envelope, you should write the recipient’s address in the middle (i.e. name, street, zip code and city) and the return address (your name, street, zip code and city) in the top left.

How do you stick the stamp on the letter?

As everyone knows, stamps only stick if the reverse side is moistened. And because the damp sponge behind the counter partition in the post office is not available to customers, but only to the post office, we mostly use our tongues.

Where does the stamp go on the postcard?

Stick the stamp on the postcard in the upper right corner. This area is often marked. Some stamps are self-adhesive, others require moistening. If the stamp is self-adhesive, simply peel it off the back and stick it in place.

Where is the stamp on the letter?

top left, on the front. in the middle or on the flap of the envelope.

When is the stamp on the post?

As a rule, the letter is stamped as soon as it arrives at the first mail distribution center in the routing region. (Routing region 59 = Siegen, routing region 58 = Hagen / Westphalia etc) There the stamp gets the relevant date, when it arrives there and which routing region it is (58 or 59 etc).

What does the stamp on the stamp mean?

A postmark, or stamp for short, is a colored impression of the device of the same name on a mail item, which usually documents the place, date and time of receipt of the mail and thus invalidates any postage stamps. Other stamps applied with the postmark are secondary stamps.

What does the postmark date mean?

“The date of the postmark applies. ‚ÄúPostmark is actually the stamp that Swiss Post puts on it when it accepts the letter (i.e. what is stamped on the stamp).

What is the date of a registered mail?

In the case of deliveries, the period begins on this exact date. With regular registered mail, it is generally assumed that you will reach the recipient no later than three days after sending. The specific day on which you (or

What is the deadline?

Hi, submission deadline means: it is the end of submitting. Usually the date of the postmark. The test criteria (for example, the date on the postmark of the participation card) are usually explained in the conditions of participation. The term deadline is not a legally regulated term.

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