Where to connect satellite cables?

Where to connect satellite cables?

Given that, we start with connecting the coaxial cable (also: coax cable) to the antenna connector. The correct socket is the one with the screw connection. This is also the only one that your coaxial cable with the F connector will fit on. The other two sockets are for cable television and radio reception.

How to strip SAT cables?

Stripping coaxial cables – step by step First of all, you start by carefully removing the outer sheath of the cable. This wire mesh must now be carefully laid back over the cable. Next, you must expose the inner conductor. You are almost finished. More entries … •

Which connectors for coaxial cables?

In professional outdoor technology, mostly N, C or 7/16 “plugs are used, indoors BNC or SMA, in industrial communication systems often TNC, in amateur radio often PL (SO-239).

What kind of cable for cable television?

HDMI Type A is used most – a TV usually provides several connections for this. If these are not enough, HDMI TV cable splitters can help. For compact devices such as smartphones and tablets, you need one of the small types HDMI Mini or HDMI Micro.

Which F connector to which diameter?

F connector cable diameter: 6 mm.

What are F plugs?

A so-called F connector or F connector for short is often used in satellite or cable television. Such plugs can either be pressed in or screwed on. A special tool is required for this with the pressed compression connectors.

Which connector for TV?

ConnectionsConnection for socket on the antenna socket on which fitsUKW radio (R) female connector female television (TV) male connector male satellite television (SAT) or cable modem (DATA) female connector male

Which connector for satellite?

TV set with SCART or HDMI connection. digital satellite receiver – either an external device or a television with an integrated receiver. digital antenna cable (coaxial cable) with SAT adapter (F-connector) SCART or HDMI cable for connecting the receiver to the TV set.

How do I connect an F connector?

Installation instructions for F-connector / F-screw-on connector. Remove the sheath. First, the sheathing of the coaxial cable is correctly applied to a length of approx. Lay the braid backwards. Expose the inner conductor. Unscrew the F connector. Final check.

How do you connect an antenna cable correctly?

Plug the male end of the antenna cable into the female socket on your receiver or (if the receiver is integrated in the TV set) on the television. Plug the female end of the antenna cable into the male socket of the antenna socket – it is usually the left socket.

How do I connect two coaxial cables?

Two coaxial cables cannot simply be connected to one another. There must already be F connectors at the ends for extension. If this is not yet the case, mount the F connector. The easiest way to connect is to use a simple coaxial extension.

How can I extend an antenna cable?

Extending the antenna cable: Different options There are three ways to extend a coaxial cable: Insert the extension cable between the television and the antenna cable. buy a new cable of the appropriate length. attach an F-coupling between two coaxial cables.

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