Windshield wiper water in summer: therefore with antifreeze down to -30 degrees!

We used to always mix a special summer cleaning water mixture: after all, Sonax and Co. offer a special summer mixture called “Tropical Sun”. But if you don’t have to wipe a lot in autumn and the summer mix remains in the wiper water tank, it can quickly become a problem: With the first severe frost, the lines quickly freeze if you forget to swap the wiper water for winter wiper water!


Better to be safe all year round with frost protection and the first frost!

If you forget to change your window cleaner concentrate before the first severe frost (from around -5 degrees), all the wiper water lines can quickly freeze over. Then you either have to have everything de-iced in the workshop, spend two days in a warm underground car park, or pay even more if sensitive parts are damaged by the frost. At Amazon, a ready-to-use Sonax wiper water in the summer version costs just €2 less than with antifreeze. So it shouldn’t fail because of the price.

A window cleaner concentrate for the summer doesn’t get flies away either

For several summers we believed that the most expensive windscreen wiper concentrate would, according to its description, be able to remove the thousands of dead flies on the windscreen. But in our experience it works no windshield washer concentrate in the worldto remove extremely burned-in fly residues with the windscreen wiper while driving. Instead, you need a decent glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth and have to clean it manually. You can do the same here all year round with window antifreeze drive. This has some just as good cleaning power and doesn’t remove less dirt either.

That’s why down to -30 degrees: Safe wiping even while driving after a cold start!

If you buy windshield wiper concentrate, you can usually choose between Mixing ratios between -10 and -30 degrees decide. Of course, in most cases it is sufficient to dilute the concentrate so much that it is suitable for temperatures down to -10 degrees. But we now mix for all vehicles down to -30 degrees. This usually corresponds to a mixing ratio of two parts antifreeze to one part water. The background: Also with our favorite concentrate from Sonax (mixed at -10 degrees) the pane ices up again immediately, if you wipe at around -8 degrees shortly after starting the engine while driving. This is dangerous and very impractical. With a mixing ratio of -30 degrees, even icy wind can’t happen to the (still) ice-cold pane.

Tip: Insect remover as an additive to the windscreen washer fluid

In summer we always remove stubborn insect remains with special insect removers. Alclear’s insect remover can, for example, be added to the windshield wiper fluid so that chitin residues from insects don’t even get stuck on the windshield!

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