World on Wheels: Reopening in Hagen

WoW tours: from Hagen to nearby SauerlandWorld on Wheels (WoW) has been organizing guided quad tours from Hagen to nearby Sauerland for nine years now. Forested areas and winding paths make the tours an experience.
In addition, WoW also has a vehicle dealership: Since 2005, the team around Sabine and Wolfgang Brockhaus has been an authorized dealer for vehicles from the manufacturer SYM, two years ago the premium brand ArcticCat was added, and since recently the vehicles from GasGas have also been part of the range.

WoW tours: winding and muddy tracks

Online shops for Arctic Cat and SYM spare parts

However, WoW is known nationally for its online shop, which specializes in SYM spare parts and has been online since October 2010 at After all, the shop is so successful that the team around Sabine and Wolfgang had to be expanded: Sabrina Röder has been supporting World on Wheels for a year now, and Mario Kranz has also been part of the dealer’s service team in Hagen since April.
Finally, another online shop is already under construction: WoW will also offer original spare parts for Arctic Cat under the domain “The first parts are already listed in the shop, and it will certainly not be long before the shop is open for orders,” says Wolfgang Brockhaus happily.

World on Wheels / Quadcenter Hagen, new shop and enlarged team

New store

Since the old location no longer met the needs, the Quadcenter recently moved to a new shop, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Hagen Nord motorway exit, directly opposite the TÜV and contains a small exhibition and an extensive warehouse with workshop. The new address:

  • World on Wheels / Quadcenter Hagen
  • Steinhausstrasse 38
  • 58099 Hagen
  • Telephone 02331/ 787 20 50

WoW tours: real experiences

opening party

On May 5th there will be a big Beetle meeting on the premises of the TÜV – Sabine and Wolfgang use the hustle and bustle of the side event for their opening party at Word on Wheels.

Contact: World On Wheels
Contact: SYM spare parts
Contact: Arctic Cat Spare Parts

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