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Bathroom tiles – practical design with a strong impact

There is no question about it: the modern bathroom has to be tiled! In the most humid room at home, we need floor and wall tiles that can withstand the high levels of moisture there. Their practical function is to protect the bathroom from moisture and mold. From an aesthetic point of view, we need tiles that match our taste and create an appealing ambience in the bathroom. There is currently a wide range of high quality products on offer Bathroom tiles in specialist shops. There are floor and wall tiles for the bathroom in different colors, sizes and with different looks and feel. You just have to decide for yourself what you would prefer: patterned or monochrome, with a wood look or fine stone tiles? First of all, this is very important, because your future bathroom design will depend on this decision. But we can reassure you a bit: as it always happens with every room design, there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to bathroom design!

moderne badezimmer fliesen

Modern tiles are an indispensable part of the modern bathroom.

modernes Badezimmer auf dem Dachboden

Modern bathroom in the attic, high aesthetics, practicality and pure relaxation in one

Why are the bathroom tiles so important that people talk and write about them a lot? The answer to this question is simple: because modern people nowadays have completely new needs and place higher demands, not only on the bathroom, but on the entire interior design at home. But the bathroom in particular has been transformed from a simple place for personal hygiene into a space for pure relaxation and complete relaxation. A simple shower is not enough. One strives for an oasis of well-being at home with all spa and wellness procedures. You are so beneficial in reducing stress! That’s why the bathroom tiles are so versatile and creatively designed that they can make their essential contribution to modern bathroom design.

Badezimmer Fliesen design

A practical and cleverly designed bathroom with chic tiles is the norm today

gemusterte Fliesen Keramik Wandbelag Badezimme

Colorfully patterned tiles are always eye-catching and immediately attract everyone’s attention.

Badezimmer Fliesen Ideen Muster weiß

Colorfully patterned tiles spice up the otherwise white bathroom

With modern tiles you can create a cozy and stylish ambience in your own bathroom. For example, you can lay the floor with large, dark fine stone tiles and cover the walls with ceramic tiles in a lighter shade. If you like contrasts, you can also use them in the bathroom. Then your bathroom will look sublime and stylish. Take tiles in brightly colored tones and distribute them in a few places in the bathroom. So you have great highlights that attract everyone’s attention. The modern mosaic tiles also leave a strong impression. These are composed of many small, mostly colorful tiles. You can use it to design a very special mosaic wall or separate certain rooms in the bathroom. But maybe you prefer to use such tiles on a larger area? That would be perfectly possible because everything in bathroom design depends on your own priorities and personal preferences. You just have to use your creativity and you can be sure that you have a wonderful modern bathroom design!

schöne glänzende Mosaikfliesen

You can create a unique bathroom design with mosaic tiles

Badezimmer Fliesen in Holzoptik

Floor tiles with a wood look ensure a natural appearance in the bathroom

A strong trend in bathroom design is undoubtedly the use of tiles with a wood look. They impress with their natural look and are currently very popular with numerous house owners. Only natural stone tiles can keep up with their competition, especially those with a glossy finish. Because of their high aesthetics, tiles in wood and natural stone look have established themselves as an undisputed trend in bathroom design in recent years, which is still current!

Bad Fliesen Gestaltung Modern

Modern bathroom tiles make our very personal “holy realm” appear more spacious and individual

And since we are in the bathroom design with modern tiles, we want to emphasize it clearly. In the bathroom, you have to pair high aesthetics with your sense of practicality. We can therefore only advise you to rely on the quality of bathroom tiles when choosing tiles! Because in this wet room you need high-quality, resistant tiles that completely eliminate the risk of slipping. Everyone wants to feel safe and comfortable in their own bathroom, don’t they? In addition, the bathroom tiles should be easy to care for, because hygiene and cleanliness are always a top priority in the bathroom.

Follow our good tips for modern bathroom design and you will soon be able to enjoy a modern and very attractive bathroom at home!

modernes Badezimmer Badewanne

Who would have thought that tiles can do wonders in the bathroom!

Badezimmerfliesen Badewanne im Hintergrund

Sublime bathroom design that impresses with its high quality and aesthetics

Waschtisch Mosaikfliesen

In the modern bathroom everything has to be visually coordinated

Natursteinfliesen grau

Natural stone tiles can be easily combined with glass walls

kleines Badezimmer perfekt designt Fliesen

Small but nice with beautiful bathroom tiles and lighting

badfliesen moderne badezimmer

Do you want to set colored contrasts with the floor and wall tiles?

Bad Fliesen Ideen Schöne Interior Design Moderne Badezimmer

The best way to relieve the stress of everyday life is in the bathtub

Akzentwand modernes Bad geometrisch gemusterte Fliesen

Design an accent wall in the bathroom using geometrically patterned wall tiles

Traumbad schöne Boden und Wandfliesen

Is this what your dream bathroom looks like? Mine for sure!

Badewanne Messing Akzente

Pure grandeur with brass accents

badezimmer Moderne Badezimmer design idee

This bathroom design can turn your head!

modernes Bad Mosaik Bodenfliesen Kontraste

Set contrasts and attract attention

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