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Functional kitchen designs in a modern, dramatic look

Very often the kitchen is neglected in the interior design of a new apartment. Often we fill a room with appliances, cupboards, a sink and lots of dishes, and immediately we name this room “kitchen”. A room without character and identity. A space where we only spend our time when it is necessary, but actually every day.

Kitchen design ideas stylish kitchen island jug made of copper

Old copper utensils are very popular trendy accents in the kitchen

The contemporary kitchen looks different. It’s not just functional. It is charming and inviting, it makes the stay there really pleasant and enjoyable. The modern kitchen not only likes women, it also likes men who love to prepare delicious dishes in there. Today we want to present you our favorite concepts for a stylish and functional kitchen design with a modern look.

trendy kitchen in dark wood nuances

A functional kitchen island that cleverly combines the cooking and dining areas

We recommend the dramatic color concept of gray and dark wood nuances for your dream kitchen, which create an exquisite look in the ambience. If you are a little concerned that a small kitchen will look even smaller with this look, then set great accents in these colors. The floor covering should be made of large, high-quality tiles or dark natural wood, which looks very luxurious and exclusive. You can spice up the look of the floor covering with a simple carpet in neutral colors. If possible, opt for a wall with panoramic windows and bring nature into your home. The floor-to-ceiling windows instead of the usual designs are a nice variation on this. This way, the question arises, where can all utensils be stored? And of course we have the right answer – get yourself a large and functional kitchen island. Not only for them, but also for all the furniture in the kitchen, are the natural materials and the clear lines A must for a stylish and noble look – cabinets made of natural wood, kitchen countertops made of natural stone, lots of indoor plants in matching pots made of organic materials, wool carpets, etc. The usual wall shelves are transformed into shelves hanging above the kitchen island or built-in cupboards that combine perfectly with the wall cladding leave. The dining area for the family is integrated into the kitchen island and that is not at all accidental. As long as the dishes are being prepared, the family sits together and nobody has to cook alone and in isolation. You also get unexpected visitors every now and then, which always puts you in a good mood all evening long.

copper-colored hanging lamp modern kitchen ideas kitchen island carpet in white

The unusual decorations are ideally inscribed in the simple interior

Let your ideas and imagination run wild and draw more inspiration from our picture gallery with stylish suggestions for functional kitchen design in a modern, dramatic look.

Trendy kitchen design, high-quality materials, natural wood

Great kitchen design with a wonderful view of the sea

large tiles in gray picture windows. Hereditary kitchen ideas

The panorama window in the kitchen offers an enchanting sea view

black wall mounted natural wood kitchen cabinets bar stools in the kitchen

A stylish, spacious kitchen in gray and wood nuances

Illuminated glass showcase in the kitchen Design ideas for the modern apartment

The illuminated glass showcase is a beautiful eye-catcher in the kitchen

geometric carpet cool kitchen design interior ideas

Noble built-in cupboards in dark wood nuances create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere

Design kitchen island plate made of natural stone in gray

Perfectly designed kitchen island with base units on different levels

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