What does small P value mean?

What does small P value mean?

Is the p-value “small” (less than a given significance level; general

What does the T test check?

The t-test can only be used with interval-scaled data. It belongs to the group of parametric methods. The t-test examines whether the mean values ​​of two groups differ systematically. The sample value of the t-test is the difference between the mean values.

What does the T test say?

The t-test is a term from mathematical statistics; it describes a group of hypothesis tests with a t-distributed test test variable. Often, however, the t-test means the one-sample or two-sample t-test for a mean difference. The one-sample t-test (also simple t-test; engl.

What does the T value say?

The IQ scale has a mean of 100 and a standard deviation of 15. An IQ of 130 therefore means that the test performance is two standard deviations (2 x 15) above the mean (100 + 2 x 15 = 130). So-called T values ​​are also frequently used. This value corresponds to an IQ value of 130.

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