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Hardy garden flowers ensure a wonderfully colorful display of flowers in your garden

We continue with our list of selected hardy garden flowers. We will show you some perennial perennials that are very adaptable and show lush flowers. They delight the eyes and soul of every garden friend and speak for horticultural skills and imaginative design ideas in the garden. Below you will find brief information and practical care tips for 5 typical winter-hardy garden flowers. Scroll down and enjoy the beautiful pictures too!

Siberian iris (Iris sibirica)


Pure natural beauty in the garden that immediately enchants

The beautiful iris is native to northern Turkey and Russia. In Europe she is not bothered at all when the thermometer drops below zero degrees C. These super hardy perennials continue their spectacular spring show every year and surprise us with a variety of blue, purple, pink, yellow or white flowers. The plants grow 90 to 120 cm tall and form thick clumps of dark green leaves. Siberian Iris prefers rich, slightly moist soil, but it can thrive almost anywhere in the garden and can withstand drought excellently. It is also more resilient than other perennials and is therefore preferred by many gardeners.

Girl eyes (coreopsus)

garden flower girl eyes

Girl’s eye or beautiful face? Both names go perfectly with this delicate, hardy perennial

The delicate garden flowers of girls’ eyes are also known as the beautiful face (coreopsis). In summer they delight our eyes and senses with a seemingly endless display of flowers in yellow. These perennial composites originally came to Europe from North America. They are very adaptable to the climatic conditions here. The girl’s eyes grow 30 to 80 cm high and prefer sunny locations with loamy soil and sufficient nutrients. For this reason, they are perfect for sunny perennial beds. Daylilies, bluebells and ornamental grasses could be the best company for them in the bed. The girls’ eyes are particularly easy to care for, but only need to be watered and fertilized regularly. They thank you for this with their beautiful yellow flowers for most of the summer up to late summer.

lily of the valley

lily of the valley garden flowers

Delicate and beautifully fragrant herald of spring

The seductive beauty of the lilies of the valley enchants us in spring, right after the first signs of the warmer season appear. Its snow-white flowers spread a pleasant, delicate scent from May to June. The lilies of the valley prefer moist, humus-rich soil and like to lie in partial shade. You can actually plant this delicate and beautifully fragrant herald of spring all year round, but only in spring do the lilies of the valley multiply by simply dividing them. Planted close together, they form a beautiful carpet on the floor.

Sun eyes (Heliopsis)

sun-eye heliopsis garden flower

The sun eye in shining money is a real eye-catcher in every garden

The sun-eye (Heliopsis) is an undemanding garden flower, which delights us with its splendid bloom in bright yellow from June to the first frost. The sun eye is a perennial winter hardy perennial, it can grow up to 1.80 m high. People like to plant them close to the garden fence, because the yellow flowers make this area particularly beautiful. You can combine the sun eyes with other plants, for example with verbenas, giant gypsophila and ornamental grasses, so you get a real eye-catcher in your garden. In order for the sun’s eye to grow well, the flower needs a moist, humus-rich soil. The yellow garden beauty is planted in spring, requires little maintenance and blooms all summer long.

Hostas (hosta)

garden flower funkien hosta

The hostas easily survive the cold winter and show us their lush leaves in spring

The hostas are widespread hardy garden perennials which, along with the purple bells, are among the most beautiful and very popular species. They prefer humus-rich, moist soils. The hostas are not disturbed by the cold winter, on the contrary! They grow more beautiful and lush with each passing year. Since these sturdy perennials come in a seemingly endless variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, they are a wonderful addition to any garden. Depending on the type and variety, its leaves are heart-shaped to stack-shaped. These look wonderful in different colors – from cream white to steel blue to light and dark green, they can even be multi-colored and have a decorative pattern. These decorate partially shaded and shady places outside in the garden and make the Japanese garden look even more beautiful.
Have you already found your favorite hardy garden perennial?

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